Bitstamp: they sent my password VIA UNENCRYPTED E-Mail; 2-factor only via Smartphone apps; untrustworthy because of intransparent fees etc.

Coinbase: SMS 2-factor authentication

Coinbase Shift Debit Card: https://support.coinbase.com/customer/portal/articles/2228646

regular everyday use of the card is free when purchasing items, with the only fees applying to ATM withdrawals ($2.50), International ATM withdrawals ($3.50), foreign currency conversion charge (3 percent) and an issuance fee of $10, naturally all payable by Bitcoin. Holder is Shift Financial, Inc.

Bitcoin-accepting: Overstock und TigerDirect

10 min Wartezeit bis Best├Ątigung; compare Mycellium Wallet

Gift Cards

eGifter, Gyft (eBay, GameStop, sears, target)