Alternating Current and the Human Body

Alternating current can be very dangerous to humans because it messes with the signal pathways and the heart.

0.1 mA to 1 mATickling in the hand.
1 mA to 5 mAHand and arm become stiff.
5 mA to 15 mASpasm in the arm, only barely able to let go.
15 mA to 25 mASpasm in the arm, not able to let go of the connector anymore.
No other harm.
25 mA to 50 mABlood pressure increases, heart beat is irregular now.
50 mA to 80 mAlosing consciousness, heart stops for a bit.
80 mA and aboveventricular fibrillation after 0.3s.

These values are for a human body with a total resistance of 1300 Ω.